How to get here

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How to get here.
  • By car: from Pisa Airport, take the Autostrada A12 - direction Genova. Then A11 - direction Firenze and exit at Lucca Ovest. Then follow signs towards Garfagnana and Castelnuovo G. Approximately 30 km from Lucca, you'll find signs to Barga. Once in Barga, look for the crossroads in front of Hotel Albergo Alpino. At that crossroads, take the road going up (Viale Cesare Biondi) and drive towards Tiglio. After 1.4 km from Albergo Alpino, you'll find the sign for Serra/Giuncheto. Take a right there. This small road divides into two after 50 m. Stay on the higher road (the left one) and after 300 m you've arrived at La Serra. On the left you'll see a small parking area where you can leave your car. Our house, painted orange, is just above the road, next to the parking area.  
NOTE: allow a minimum of 75 min for this 70 km journey.

  • By train: You need to take 3 trains to get from Pisa Airport to Barga. First from Pisa Airport to Pisa Centrale: shuttle trains operate every 30 minutes (5 min journey). Then from Pisa Centrale take a train to Lucca (30 min journey), and lastly another train from Lucca train station to Barga-Gallicano train station (45 min journey). Barga-Gallicano is on the line Lucca-Piazza al Serchio-Aulla. For the best trains connecting to your flight, you can go to or ask our help. Once at Barga-Gallicano train station, you can can call a Taxi (Massimo, 331 337 8051). Alternatively, give us a call and, if we can, we'll be glad to pick you up. It's a 5 km, 10 min drive from Barga-Gallicano train station to La Serra.
NOTE 1:  allow approximately 2 hrs for the train journey.
NOTE 2: there are a few trains going directly from Pisa Centrale to Barga-Gallicano (no need to change in Lucca).
  • By bus: There is a bus service from Pisa Airport to Lucca bus station, and from Lucca bus station to Barga Fosso. From Barga Fosso we'll be glad to pick you up if you give us a call. For the best buses connecting to your flight, you can go to (Q03 for the Pisa-Lucca timetable, and Q05 for the Lucca-Barga timetable). These Q03 and Q05 timetables are somewhat cryptic, and we suggest you ask for our help.
 NOTE:  allow approximately 2 hrs for the bus journey.